Sunday, May 31, 2009

New adventures!

The top two pictures are from Sam's first day at daycare, and the bottom one is one that I took Friday before I took her to daycare for her last day :o( So much growth and learning in the 4 months in between (though admittedly, not much more hair -- it's coming!!!)

Friday was Samantha's last day at daycare and it was REALLY sad for me! The owner and infant room teacher were all teary-eyed in the morning when I dropped Sam off (I took gifts - a heart necklace for Sam's favorite teacher with a card that said, "you are always in my heart," heart earrings for the owner and pink sunglasses for all the teachers :o)) I asked Brian to PLEASE do the pick-up b/c I didn't want to cry. They've been wonderful, and knowing how happy she was there each day made working easier for me. But, I know we are doing the right thing . . . she needs the one-on-one and I NEED something to take some of the load off of me w/ PT, etc. Anyway, the nanny starts tomorrow and we've had a busy weekend getting ready for her -- new car seat base, new garage door opener, stocked the fridge, etc. I'm NERVOUS. I mean, we THINK we picked a great candidate, but it's still hard to leave Sam with someone new . . . I know there will be a transition period, and they have to build a relationship. Sam's also going through the separation anxiety that is normal at this age . . . when someone new holds her, she's FINE as long as B or I are around, but when we walk away, she cries. So hard!! I'm nervous about the nanny transition!

Despite the super long to-do list, we had a fun weekend. Friday night, the three of us went to Sears to get the new garage door remote and then out to dinner . . . little bean was out late - until after 9! Then, Saturday we ran errands all day (in a divide-and-conquer way . . . daddy did some errands while Sam and I did others) and then went to a friend's birthday party Saturday night. Sam went along (she's SUCH a little trooper)! We stayed at the party until 9, so she didn't get in bed until 10! She was great - as long as she could see me or Brian . . . someone held her for us to go get food, and I heard her SCREAMING when we were out of sight :o( But, the rest of the night, she was her normal smiley, charming self ;o) Today, we had friends over and had lunch by the water --- she was in a great mood and we all had fun!!! Then Sam and I had one of our super snuggly naps on the couch together -- with her hand on my cheek :o)

More to come on the adventures of Sam & Nanny! A new friend, and new adventures :o) I'm going to stick around for an hour or so in the morning, and show the nanny around. For now, I just want her to spend the first couple of days bonding with Sam and building trust before we really worry too much about the exercising . . . then on Thursday, the nanny will attend her first PT session with Sam and me (or Brian).

(Oh -- another really exciting thing is that Sam generally always smiles for the camera now :o) This mama business gets more fun every single day!)

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