Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eight Month Check-Up . . .

We had Sammie's 8 month checkup today and our pediatrician was REALLY happy with her progress in the last two months :o) She said she can definitely tell that she's gotten stronger, especially her neck. We were THRILLED!!! After that we had our eye doctor follow-up and got a NEW prescription so we are having her lenses changed. We also ordered a back-up pair of glasses (lavender frames :o)) with transition lenses. It was a LONG day for Sam - two appointments in a row, and no sleep all morning, but she did fabulous until the optical shop . . . when she had a slight breakdown, but she immediately fell asleep the second we got her in the car, and we came home and I took a nap with her :o) I'll be up LATE working tonight, and worked off and on in my spare time today, but it's worth it to have gone to her appointments.

We've posted a nanny ad on Craig's List and gotten TONS of responses (I'm just letting Brian weed through them, which is tough for me), but we've started interviewing, and liked the candidate today a lot.

I need to get the software for our new camera installed on the computer so I can post pics with my blogs . . . these updates without pictures must be a little disappointing!!!

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