Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday weekend begins . . .

So, the thirtieth birthday weekend begins. As I said, (I think) I'm indifferent to turning 30. Mother's Day weekend felt so HUGE, and all I want for my birthday is just a mellow weekend with my family and a new camera. Our digital camera has been broken for awhile . . . the screen doesn't work, so its like taking pictures in the "old" days -- you can't see them when you take them! Its been funny actually - having to look through the viewer instead of at the screen when we take pictures, and asking others to do the same when they use it - people look at us like, "what kind of archaic camera is this?"

We started the weekend on Friday with a trip to the park with my friend and her 10 month old daughter. I packed a bag with a blanket, books and toys, and we did Sam's daily exercises (tummy time, practice rolling, stretching her hips and sitting practice) at the park. It was exciting for her and a nice change of pace for me :o) She did wonderfully! I've also found that reading her books during tummy time helps -- she lifts her head HIGH to see the books. Here are a few pictures from the park:

After we did the exercises at the park, she fell asleep sitting up in my lap!!!

Saturday, the whole fam went to the California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard . . . there were SO many people! Brian wanted to enter the eating contest, but alas, we got there too late for the 1:00 one, and didn't want to stick around until the 4:30 one. We walked around a little bit, had strawberry margaritas and strawberry nachos (worth the drive!) and then set up on a blanket for the live music. We played a little, and then Sam fell alseep on the blanket. EVERYONE that walked by commented on how cute she looked (we'd dressed her in a strawberry outfit we had!). After that, Brian bought strawberries and we headed back to LA. Before coming home, we stopped and bought a new camera :o) which I'm so excited to use! Then, we picked up tacos from a favorite taco stand (one we haven't eaten from since a friend brought them to us in the NICU - which is a fabulous story itself . . . after I had those tacos - Tito's - the next day (remember I was pumping breast milk for Sam) was the first day Sam finished an entire bottle! We told the nurses, and the NICU nurses immediately started singing the Tito's Taco's commercial song . . . "We love Tito's Tacos.") Anyway, so that was our Saturday . . . a good day! And here are a few pictures from the day.

She's doing REALLY well during sitting. I told the PT on Thursday that I feel like Sam CAN sit on her own, but when I let go (I only provide a LITTLE support) she whines and cries. The PT said its just a confidence thing. She's not ready to sit on her own. She wants someone there so she feels secure. She said kids do the same thing with walking sometimes, and its normal. I can just barely sit behind her, not really with her leaning on me or anything, but as long as I'm there, she can do it. Sweet bean! She'll get there. She's really crossing her eyes again, so I'm now convinced the prescription in her glasses is too weak. We go back to the opthamologist this Wednesday (after using the drops Monday/Tuesday to dilate her pupils). I'm trying to keep from getting discouraged . . . I know the doctors will eventually figure it out! She still so happy ALL the time and such a mellow little bean! I'm so happy to have her in our lives.

So, tomorrow's the big day - 30!!! We are going to eat somewhere near the beach with friends, and then hit a park together. I can't think of any better way to ring in 30 years of me than with a day with by Brian and my Bean!!!

(I have to include random things on these blogs that I don't want to forget . . . and today it's the way she acts when she's sleepy . . . burying her head in my chest, rubbing her glasses (used to be her eyes) . . . she's so stinking cute! And, in the car, when I ride in the back with her, she holds my finger when she sleeps - she was GREAT in the car to and from Oxnard today - a total of about 4 hours in the car. I read her stories, she napped, we talked . . . she's starting to LOVE stories, she smiles at the pictures in the books).

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