Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, we interviewed one nanny today, but she only is available Mondays and Wednesdays. We thought about doing a nanny two days a week, and then day care the others -- we LOVE our daycare, and Sam LOVES it. But, I know she spends a lot of time laying under the little play gym or in the bouncy chair there. I don't fault them - it's inevitable with so many kids to look after, and we knew that going in. For most kids, that's fine. Plus, she gets tons of stimulation from all the other kiddos at daycare. But, lately, we just think Sam needs more one-on-one care from someone who will do her physical therapy exercises with her. The daycare says they will, but I feel like that's asking a lot . . . and on a hectic, crazy day I can't be sure it will actually happen. So, I posted an ad on my citymommy group looking for a nanny that has experience with kids that need extra special care. The one we interviewed today currently works right down the street with an autistic little boy and has been through the regional center process with them. I liked her, but Brian thinks if we are going to do a nanny we might as well do it full-time. I agree. But, again . . . it kills me to take her out of her daycare. Daycares are HARD to find in LA. Anyway, an occupational therapist on my citymommy group recommended another nanny, and I'm interviewing her Thursday. We shall see. She's available full-time.

Meanwhile, I just sat down with our budget and calculated what we can afford to pay a nanny. Holy schmokes. LA is expensive. But, we'll make it happen if we need to. We've been GREAT about not eating out lately anyway, and that saves us a fortune. Pre-Sam we ate out every night!

I'm taking the Bean for a second opinion on her eyes tomorrow. I trust the other doctor's professional judgment, just didn't find him warm and fuzzy . . . so I'd like a second opinion if there's a chance surgery will be required. Just looking out for my bean! I actually initially couldn't get an appointment with this doctor until June, but they called today to say they had a cancellation, so we are going in. After that, I'm taking her into daycare just for a couple of hours. The owner called me today to say "bring her in for a few hours. It's good for her and good for you, and we miss her!" (SEE - I LOVE THEM). So, I'm going to . . . and I'm meeting a friend for lunch (one of the most upbeat-glass-half-full kinda women I know, which is exactly what this glass-half-empty girl needs right now!)

And, finally, still anxious about the neurologist on Thursday. But, for whatever reason (perhaps the beautiful weather today, my two fabulous walks with Bean and Dude, and the fact that after only 4 days of working with Sam on her new PT exercises, I can feel her gaining strength, or the multitude of encouraging emails/calls I keep getting from my friends that know me so so well and know exactly what I need to hear) a peace came over me today . . . there's no news we could possibly get that could change a thing. I don't know . . . I guess today my glass is half full for once!!!

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Elisa said...

She's the same little girl she was a week ago when you were so excited about how her world expanded with her new glasses! You were positively GUSHING with joy and giddiness... driving along with her in the back seat discussing the theory of relativity with Mr. Zigs. The only thing different now is some doc told you to see a neurologist just in case. But YOU know her more than anyone. You know she's animated and intelligent and she's making progress every day. Don't let some dark thought in your head cloud your reality. She is the same incredibly cute, sharp and silly little girl!