Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrate good news!!!

Today was the neurologist appointment . . . and we got GOOD news. The neurologist thinks there's NOTHING neurologically wrong with our bean!!! She's just a premie with some quirks ;o) And, her gross motor delay (and the abnormal movements noted by the PT) are connected to her vision. She's still getting used to the glasses, we know she may need stronger ones, etc. The neurologist thinks with the PT she's starting that by age 2 or 3, Sam will be all caught up with her peers, and all these little quirks will work themselves out!!!! FABULOUS news!!! She does want us to see ANOTHER opthamologist (this will be our 3d -- a neuro-opthamologist that she feels like is better at addressing the sort of accommodative vision behaviors that can be problematic later on).

I was a nervous wreck before the appointment -- I left super early b/c I needed to get out of the house, and Sam and I just walked around Beverly Hills for a bit before the appointment. When we finally got into the office, I felt myself get hot all over, and I sat there a total wreck with Sam until Brian got there. The doctor was super warm, super knowledgeable, and super thorough. I left there feeling like a 10 ton brick had been lifted off of me. And, even better, everything she said was 100% consistent with what our own pediatrician had said (which is also reassuring).

Couple more "to-do's" - the new opthamologist, PT 2 x per week, etc., but our little bean is just fine!!! I had a skip in my step when we left there, and tonight we all walked out to dinner on the ocean to celebrate. I snapped the picture above on our walk back. Not the best pic, but all I had was my blackberry and we were trying to hurry. Even Sam was in a fabulous mood tonight -- everytime I looked at her at dinner, she giggled!!! I can't imagine anything better :o)

I'm likely taking just one more week off work to deal with the eye doctor, starting PT, interviewing the nannies, etc., but life is feeling PERFECT at this moment. Minor inconveniences on our way to conquering the world!!!!

(Oh and I also came home to a fabulous package from one of my nearest and dearest, which included a pink t-shirt that says, "What are you looking at four eyes?" for the bean . . . . GREATEST T-SHIRT EVER.)

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Anonymous said...

SO HAPPY!!! What a great Mother's Day present. Enjoy the time off with Sam! xoxoxo