Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We won the lottery!

Okay, not that kind of lottery, but it feels like it.  After so much worry and wonder about where Sammie B would be next year for Kindergarten (if you've been following this blog for long, this worry and wonder is no news to you), we found out that this year we got into the charter that was our top pick!  A charter that is founded on a model of inclusion, designed to teach all children in the same classroom.  A school with general education and special education teachers there to serve every student, a school with tons of "typically-developing" kids learning right alongside those with challenges, a school with PTs, OTs, and STs there to lend their expertise.  A public school committed to making sure that my little girl's physical challenges don't impede her ability to learn and thrive.  I truly cannot even have designed a more perfect school for our vision for Sammie, and we are thrilled. 

Beyond thrilled.

The worry and wonder leading up to this year's IEP was consuming me.  Absolutely consuming me in a way I'm not proud of (because I wish I didn't let that stuff consume me, but it is who I am), and after last year's IEP and all that led to our decision to pull Sammie out of the district's program, I guess my worry was justified.  But now . . . . relief.  

I honestly feel like a 10,000 pound weight has been lifted from me, and while I stand by my sentiments about how horribly unfair it is that this kind of education isn't the norm, and that my kiddo getting into this school had to be determined by her random number being drawn out of a hat, right now, I couldn't be happier or more relieved!

Happy, relieved, and freaking out a little that she's really going to start Kindergarten?!!!! 

Where has the time gone?!

When did she become such a little lady? 

One of our "this outfit is too stinking cute not to be photographed" pictures.  Thank you, Target!
I think she's ready for next steps, but I'm not so sure I am!  But I'm just really glad the next steps are leading us to the right school.