Sunday, February 5, 2012

She's got Magic AND Style: A Post in Which I Over-Do it On the Pictures.

Whenever I get Sammie B all snazzed up in a cute outfit, I love posing her for pictures. This started when she was little - I really tried to take a picture of her in any outfits we got as gifts, and email those to the gift-giver. I still TRY to do that, and also to just capture outfits that I love!!!

MOST of the time, she humors me and gives me a smile or two. Occasionally, she even poses like a little supermodel. The pictures are some of my favorites! Here are some highlights!

This shirt is my favorite shirt of all time . . . the girl on the shirt is wearing purple glasses! I've already bought it in the next size up too!

This next outfit was a Christmas gift from one of my mom's dear friends:

And, one of my most fashionable friends bought Sammie B the next two dresses - pure sass, right? (And, I think Sammie B knows she looks sassy!)

And, a few from our recent attempt to get a PERFECT picture for her school Valentine's Day Cards (we built this one up big and told her we were having a "supermodel photo shoot").

Sammie B really DOES exude joy (and magic and style), doesn't she?

And, not to be forgotten, here's another little mini-fashionista-in-training!

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