Thursday, February 9, 2012


What do all of these amazing kiddos have in common? (Besides being ridiculously cute, of course?). I "met" all of their mamas on my online board for delayed darlings, and truly, truly, couldn't ask for better, more amazing women to walk this journey with. Women who I consider my friends.





So, they are all (ridiculously) cute, and all have amazing mamas . . . but there's something else.

They all have feeding tubes. Each of these kids receives at least some (or all) of their nutrition via a tube in their bellies. Although I admittedly know very little about tube feeding, I want to help these fabulous moms this week by raising awareness for tube feeding.

Tube feeding is not gross, or weird, or anything bad. It just is. I know that as we get more equipment for Sammie B, like her gait trainer, I worry that the world will see her equipment before they see her. That she will be "that little girl with the walker," and people will miss out on all that she is. Her magic. I'm sure these kiddos' mamas worry the same thing about the tubes, and this is what I want to say . . . their tubes are just a part of them. A small part. There's so much more. So much more.

Please head over to Laura's (Harmony's mom's) blog to read more.

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Julie said...

Thank you, thank you!! You are an amazing mama as well! You said it so well..I don't want them to see Bella's tube and not "bella". It does not define who she is and her magic. Thanks again! :)