Saturday, February 4, 2012

The man who hung her moon.

These moments. Days like today. This is what it's all about.

I slept in, snuggled in bed with Mia, who'd gotten up for a bottle at 5 am (she's now sleeping from 9 pm until 5 pm MOST of the time, then I put her in our bed and she sleeps a little longer). While Mia and I snuggled, B and Sammie B took the dog for a walk and picked flowers. Sammie B came back SO excited about her flowers, and when I asked which one was her favorite, she picked a purple one. B said that when she picked them, she'd just thrown them all in the wagon, except that one, which she held for the entire walk.

Our whole family took Sammie B to her swim lesson, and once the lesson was over, I got in the pool with Sammie B while Mia and B watched. We had such fun. It was sunny out, and Mia wore a hat that Sammie B used to always wear, and there was just something about seeing my little girl in my big girl's hat that just melted me.

Tonight, while I made dinner and gave Mia a bottle, Sammie B requested to play in her play room with her dada. And play they did. B turned up some music and they played along . . . Sammie B was mostly on the drums, but also tried out a harmonica and the clickers (that's our technical term, I've googled and now know they are called castanets) (and, um, how about the fine motor involved in playing those?! right?! I think her OT would be proud!). Anyway, they had a jam session in the playroom, and I couldn't help but stand and watch, and snap a few pictures. Seriously, these are the moments that make for a joyful life. And, tonight, as I watched them, I just felt filled with such joy, happiness, love and magic.

She was WAY into our requests for an "encore!" and she started really rocking, and screaming "YEAH!" B and I just kept looking at each other, grinning from ear to ear. She was SOOOO into it. A budding rocker, apparently!

And, like a good fan/groupie, dada got up and danced, which CRACKED Sammie B up. She thinks he hung the moon, seriously.

After all the rocking, we took advantage of all the good energy and even got some "work" in - some exercise ball stuff, and some sensory stuff. It's awesome when we are able to use good energy like that and make "work" truly, truly fun.

(Sammie B is a girl that craves sensory and movement for those moms of sensory kids, and much to her pleasure, her PT has told us to GIVE HER TONS of movement, like swinging her around, etc. I taught her to say "SWING ME LIKE A MAN, DADA!" and he always obliges. Her request never ceases to make us giggle. Tonight, he swung her extra high, and I said, "Dada just swung you like a big man, didn't he?" Then, she immediately said, "MORE!" and B said "More what?" and she said, "SWING ME LIKE A BIG MAN, DADA!") Seriously, it was just a super, super fun night. I love watching B and Sammie B. Love it.

Today was definitely a day I'm going to hold onto. Forever.

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Gina said...

Awww, what a precious post. I love seeing G wearing things that L used to wear too. And my L is a sensory/movement seeker too. It's fun. :)