Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Last Few Days

I worked at a Hallmark store all through high school and grew to LOATHE Valentine's Day, so at our house, it is pretty much just another day, though we do make sure to pepper the day with a few extra "I love you's" and I DID get flowers this week.

I don't have a real cohesive topic for this post, but thought I'd just share an update on what's going on in our little home and life, sprinkled with some pictures from my blackberry.

Right after I had Mia, and I shared with friends that I could tell Sammie B was struggling with sharing me, several people told me to make sure I carved out little periods of time that were for JUST me and Sammie B, and to make sure I told her "this is our special time" when I did so. So, we started having "Mama and Sammie time," and we made up a little song about it ("I love Mama and Sammie time. Do you love Mama and Sammie time?" to which she always adds the most enthusiastic "YEAH!"). I do think it has really, really helped her. Now, when we leave the house together -- just the two of us -- even if it is just to buy groceries, she'll say "Mama and Sammie Time!".

Anyway, Friday night, we had a very special "Mama and Sammie time" date. We went to see Cirque de Soleil at the Santa Monica Pier. We even arrived early and got to ride the ferris wheel one time before the show (no cameras at the show, so no pictures . . . ) and had dinner out afterward, just the two of us. The show was long - over two hours, but she sat mesmerized, danced along with some of the songs, and just loved it. It was a fantastic night.

(Me before our night out - I made B take the picture because I had a new outfit that is so not something I'd normally buy and -- in the words of Elle Woods -- "never trust a mirror." I'm working hard to get in shape and lose the baby weight . . . unfortunately, that weight won't be lost via running, at least not now, because I've hurt my knee!! Apparently, having two babies and being on bed rest twice in the last four years has done a number on my body. The cartilage around my knees has softened, my few training runs the last few weeks have HURT my knees and I'm now on doctor's orders NOT to run. I'm wearing some fancy knee supports, doing knee exercises at home -- in hopes that I can avoid physical therapy because truly, truly I don't know how I'd fit that in my life -- and go back to the doctor in three weeks).

(Sammie B and I on the ferris wheel. Not a bad view, huh?)

(While Sammie B and I were out, this little plumpkin was home with her daddy).

Unfortunately, Sunday, our little Sammie B seemed to be coming down with a cold, and by Sunday night, she was in full-blown fever mode. So, she hasn't been to school this week (and missed her little Valentine's Day party) and has spent much of the last few days just relaxing on the couch (with tissue in hand - every time she notices her nose running, she says, "WHOP!" (wipe)). So, this week has brought a lot of snuggles (and a tired mama - Sammie B's cough has been keeping her from sleeping well), lots of TV time (which makes me feel guilty . . . but that's what you do with sick kids, right?!) and just some resting and relaxing and trying to sleep off this sickey sickness.

(Even the littlest monkey is watching too much tv this week . . . )

(Watching Curious George)


(Sammie and her "whop!")

So, so hopeful that she is fever free in the am (she was this evening) so she can make it to school - this is their "community helpers" month and they are doing police officers this week and she doesn't know this yet but B is showing up with one of his uniformed colleagues!! I think she'll just flip with excitement when he walks in so I HOPE HOPE HOPE the sickies are gone. We also leave for Florida on Thursday to visit B's grandmother and my dad (neither of whom have met Mia yet)! I made a doctor's appointment for Sammie B for after school tomorrow -- just want them to take a quick look at her ears and give us the all-clear for flying. Always worry after a cold that she might have an ear infection and I know flying + ear infections are bad news.

Lastly, I go back to work two weeks from tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about it, and just enjoy these last weeks home. We've got a lot crammed into these weeks - the trip to Florida, a couple doctor's appointments for both girls (Mia's 4 month check-up and a neurologist appointment for Sammie B). So, here's to hoping these last two weeks bring nothing but good things and that the time doesn't fly by!

And, even if I don't "do" Valentine's Day . . . here's to MY THREE VALENTINES. The three people that make my heart sing with happiness every single day.

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