Friday, February 24, 2012

She finishes my sentences . . .

There are a few things I say to Sammie B all the time. Now, she finishes my sentences for me (some are rules like "NO SCREAMING or you'll go to your thinking spot," which now, as soon as I say "NO SCREAMING, she'll say "thinking spot!"). But this one has to be my favorite recent one and I just have to put it here, for posterity. This is most definitely one of those memories I want to never, ever fade:

Me: Night night Sammie. I love you girl. More than anything in the whole
Sammie B: world!
Me: That's right! You make me feel so very happy
Sammie B: and proud!
Me (giggling): Yep! You make me feel happy AND proud!
Sammie B: Thank you, mama!


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