Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011

I'm linking up with Ellen of Love that Max and participating in her blog hop of "Best of 2011" moments/posts. A few great moments come to mind for my favorite moments of 2011, including Sammie B's third birthday, which included three days of fun, fun, fun and celebrating with mine and B's parents and all of our favorite friends -- Sammie B's biggest fans; or B's birthday in November, when Sammie B gave him the gift she picked out; mother's day when I had the most perfect day, along with perfect wishes for a happy day from my big girl; there was our musical milestone in August; and our babymoon in October. Moments that lit up my world.

In 2011, I reflected on the labels and causes in our lives, and remembered that we are so much more than that, and that life is measured in happy. Just a couple of my favorite posts.

But the BEST moment of 2011 for our little family was no doubt in October, when our big girl met her little sister for the first time. The giggles, squeals of utter delight (saying "BABY MIA!" over and over) made my heart happier than its ever been before. It was as if Sammie B just couldn't believe that after all that talk about "Baby Mia" for months on end, mama's big belly, and other preparations for baby that we had finally, finally gotten a real, live baby. That moment goes down not just in the "bests" of 2011, but in the "bests" of my life. I have this picture up in our home, and I swear, I can be exhausted and having a terrible day, but I walk by this picture, and it takes me back to that moment, I can hear the little giggles and squeals of glee that were coming from my Sammie B, see B's eyes (and feel mine) filled with tears, and my heart just sings.

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Ellen said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful-ness. I hope 2012 brings lots more.