Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Babymoon!

Friday, after B got home from work, the three of us headed out to a weekend I'd planned as a surprise for B and Sammie B to celebrate me making it to FULL-TERM and being off of bed rest. We did the weekend on a tight budget, but I got a discount rate (for being an alum of my law school) for a room near the beach and mountains (only about 30 minutes from us and the hospital too!), and even though we didn't do that much, it was just what we needed. A little getaway with my FAVORITE two people in anticipation of our little threesome becoming a foursome!

Friday night, we didn't get to the hotel until 6:30 (and the fog was thick and sort of canceled out our "ocean view room," but use your imagination!), so we went out to a nice dinner and then back to the room to put on our jammies and to watch a movie (Babe, Sammie B's pick) and snuggle in bed. (It was worth the price of the hotel room just to sleep with our sweet girl, we transitioned her into her room and own bed in January, so even though sometimes we REALLY want her to sleep in our bed at home, we reallllly try to stick with her bedtime routine and her in her own bed).

Saturday morning, I had hoped for brunch and then the beach, but the weather wasn't great, so the beach was out. But, we still enjoyed the scenery (imagine no fog and the ocean in the distance in these first two pictures . . . this scenery is what makes so-cal real estate prices almost worth it!).

Then, we did brunch and asked Sammie B what she wanted to do . . . (even though I'm not on bed rest, we are still *trying* for me to not do a ton of walking/activity, on the assumption that making it to 38 or 39 weeks would be great) . . . and she said "home! new table!" Of all the things she could have picked, ALL she wanted was to go home and play at her new table she got for her birthday. She also wanted a balloon. SO, we hit a kid's hair salon on our way home to get her a trim that she desperately needed (her third haircut, believe it or not!) and a balloon, and then, we headed home for lunch, lots of play (at the new table!), and a nap.

After our nap, we headed to the park by our house for a quick picnic for dinner and some boat watching.

We ended what was a perfect Saturday with ice cream, and then headed home, put sweet Sammie B to bed, and B and I watched a movie together. And today, we just relaxed and got things ready for Sammie B to start her new school tomorrow (which is sure to be a big day - we do "first days" BIG around here!).

Perfect weekend. Perfect babymoon. And here's to the era of us as a threesome ending and a new chapter beginning. Sometime soon.

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