Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Listen. And Melt.

Okay, my last attempt to post this here was a big fat fail (link worked for me, but not for anyone else). Thanks to a much more tech-savvy friend, I'm giving it another go!

Here you have it. Sammie B's fabulous rendition of "Tomorrow" from Annie. You can tell our applause emboldens her when you hear the excitement in her second run-through.

This little girl is pure awesome.

And, if are my facebook friend, you've probably already heard this (I posted there too) but seriously, it is cute enough for a second or third or fourth or fifth listen. For real.


And, if that little player didn't work for you, just click on this link!


Anonymous said...

Ok we just listened to this over and over, I love it! Harmony likes the YAY! at the end. I am also the HUGEST Annie fan, so I particularly love this!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Definitely magical! :)