Sunday, October 2, 2011

Closing Out the Birthday Week in Pictures!

Our little family of three has had a lovely weekend. B and I have been readying the house for the new babe (he put together all the baby gear, installed car seats, etc., while I did laundry and folded it from bed), and this whole "our family is growing" thing suddenly seems so very very real. I think because this pregnancy has had so many ups and downs, I've been so focused on staying pregnant, that I haven't really let myself think too much about the prize at the end of it. But this weekend, seeing Sammie B's old baby swing in the living room, trying out our new double stroller, folding tiny (TINY!) baby clothes, etc., suddenly, it is real. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm scared.

Sammie B on the other hand, is ALL excitement. She probably feels like we've been talking about "Baby Mia" forever but that she's never coming . . . each new thing we put together for the baby, Sammie would exclaim, "Baby Mia _____!" (e.g. "Baby Mia BED!" "Baby Mia Swing!"). And, I would say, "that's right, that's where baby Mia will sleep," or "yep, this is for Baby Mia!" and Sammie followed with a frustrated, "Baby Mia, where are you?!" She's ready. She's excited. She's going to be a great big sister. And, as scared as I am, I know I'll figure out (we'll figure out) how to parent two little ladies too.

I'm still hopeful baby Mia waits a few more weeks to arrive -- I want her to be full-term (Oct. 14) and I still have a LONG to-do list, including getting Sammie B registered for preschool (the whole IEP thing is a post itself, which I hope to get to!) . . . so much to do!

Anyway, now that B and I have both posted our birthday letters for Sammie B, the comparison pictures are posted, etc., I thought I'd close out the "birthday week" posts with one full of pictures of the occasion and some of Sammie B's presents!

On Saturday, the day of her birthday, we opened presents with the grandparents, and then headed out to see Lion King in the theater (which Sam loved; she did not, however, love the "Muppets" preview that came on first -- where a door suddenly opens and knocks poor Kermit over. She yelled "NO!" and burst into tears, reached for me, got in my lap, and held on for dear life, just crying! Guess we know what movie NOT to go see), then went out for pizza at "Sammy's Pizza" which just opened here and serves gluten-free pizza!

Her first present was from her grandparents (they all went in together) -- this great little table and chairs from Jonti-Craft. I did a lot of research to find a perfect little set for Sammie B. Her chair has arms on it and a little seat belt, and is just perfect. She's already requesting to play at her "New Table!" all the time, and we know it is going to get tons of use.

The biggest hit was a strawberry shortcake beach towel from Nana and Papa. She literally freaked over it. It is so funny . . . you never really know what present a kid will go absolutely wild over!

Lots of great gifts from our family! Strawberry shortcake PJs from her uncle A and Aunt C, a great little cupcake making kit and a monkey balance board from Gigi and PawPaw, and a strawberry shortcake swimsuit from her Aunt S and Uncle D and cousins. She was a happy little lady with all the strawberry shortcake stuff.

Then, we brought out the BIG surprise from me and B. A new little electric car!

We knew she'd LOVE the car itself, and sitting in it, but weren't sure what she'd think of the power aspect. I kind of thought she'd be scared, but she wasn't. She loved it. She would put her foot on the gas pedal though and I think get a little surprised each time it lurched forward and that made her jerk her foot off, so her first ride was a whole lot of stop and go. But, today, B took her out for a second romp in her new ride, and she was all over the place in our courtyard! I was inside and could hear her yelling "stop!" and "go!" and laughing. She also crashed into a few things, just said, "Oh my God!" and then waited for B to get her back on the road . . . when they came in, she was still laughing and B asked her what she ran into and she said, "Table! Chair! Oh my God!" So, the car is a hit. Money well spent on a very deserving little lady!

After presents, we headed out for the movie and pizza, and of course, I brought along a gluten-free cupcake for the Bee:

And, then we went home and all crashed (well, Sammie B did . . . the rest of us readied for the next day's party).

We had her big birthday party with friends and family at the little pool where Sammie B does swimming lessons. She is SO very, very happy in the water, so it was a PERFECT place and a perfect little party! Here are a few pictures from that day:

(Note her special strawberry shortcake dress, made just for Sammie B by Magnolias Boutique!).

(And, her strawberry shortcake swimsuit for the occasion!)

Sammie B had a wonderful time at her party. And, I think B and I had just as much fun just watching HER have fun. She was exhausted after the party, fell asleep in the car, and actually stayed asleep as B carried her in, took her up to her room, put her in bed, and took her shoes off . . . which never happens! After her snooze, we opened the presents from the party, had dinner, and all fell asleep with huge smiles after a great weekend!

It was one of the best weekends I've ever had, and one I was so fearful I'd miss because of bed rest, but the Thursday before, I had a check-up with the high-risk OB and I asked what she thought about the party/weekend. She said, "go, do, but SIT as much as possible and NO lifting." So, that's what I did. It was hard for me to NOT be able to lift Sammie B and to feel a tad "side-lined," but I was just so, so glad to be there. Celebrating Sammie B! Fabulous celebration of our fabulous girl!

(And now, that ends the birthday posts for this year!).

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Sebrina said...

Great pics! Her smile is magic!! Love the little table. Arm rest on a little chair what a great idea! She looks like she loves the water! Our b is allergic to chlorine! So no pool for her!