Monday, October 31, 2011

Fourth (and First!) Halloween

Our little chicken (2008):

My Sammie BEE (2009):

Rockin' with Mama (2010):

Minnie Mouse (2011):

Halloween was just infinitely more fun this year because Sammie B really 'got' it. She picked what she wanted to dress up as, we practiced saying "trick or treat" and talked about pumpkins, etc. and she got SO into it. She even watched "Nightmare Before Christmas" with B and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. We had the cutest conversation about trick or treating:

Me: When its Halloween, you'll go to people's doors and knock and then say "trick or treat" and they'll give you candy! So, what will you say?

Sammie B: THANK YOU!! YUM!!!

Me: That's what you'll say when they give you candy, but what do you say before that?

Sammie B: Trick or treat! Thank you!! YUM!!

She was a little shy tonight when we actually WENT trick or treating (just to a couple homes of people that we knew) and said the "trick or treat" part so quiet it was nearly inaudible, but her "thank yous" were loud and clear. Sweet girl.

And, this little one had her FIRST halloween tonight - she slept through most of it, then woke up (as we've found is her norm) FREAKING OUT in that "must eat right now" sort of way. She's got a fiery little personality and we've dubbed her "Mia Monster." Even Sammie B has joined in on the "Mia Monster" trend.

Happy Halloween from Sammie B, the Mia Monster, and parents!

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