Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Ways She Makes Us Giggle

I'm linking up with Love that Max again. This time we are sharing the ways our kids make us giggle with their cuteness.

I've already posted my bah-nye-nah story, which thus far, is pretty much my favorite hysterical Sammie B moment, but there are others (there's plenty of her cuteness to share!).

Like these adorable pictures I just took before she headed out on a date with her dada (to see Shrek the Musical) while my fabulous friends bring "Mom's Night Out" to me tonight for a "Mom's Night In."

A few other moments of cuteness and giggles worth sharing:

- The other day, B was on his blackberry, tweeting while we were eating at the table (yes, we are BOTH guilty of the blackberries-at-the-table thing). . . I said, "Sammie B, Dada is 'tweeting' at the table," and she said, with immediate and appropriate indignation, "EXCUSE ME DADA!"

- B and a friend were recently telling a story about someone at work, and one of them said the word "Alimony," and out of no where, Sammie B yelled "Alimony, EW!" Now, anytime we say something is gross, or we say "Ew!," she says, "Alimony, EW!" and wrinkles up her nose in disgust.

- The other morning, she dropped her Elmo and said, "Oops! Excuse me, Elmo!" Polite little lady!

- She LOVES playing freeze dance-type games right now. . . . loves making us "stop" and "go," and the other night, B and her sat and played "freeze dance" with a couple of her dolls - B would make them dance, and she would yell "STOP!" and "GO!" to control what he was doing, while laughing hysterically. This game ("Stop and Go!") is a big hit in the car as well, but gets old for mama and dada pretty quickly! (And doesn't work well in traffic).

Giggles and magic from my girl!


Ellen said...

First, I love those photos.

Second, she is a riot!!

Glad you got a Mom's Night In! I need one. Like, now.

Kathy said...

Just visiting from Love that Max and now I will be counting the days until 10/14. The best of luck to you.