Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just a Quickie I want to Share - Some Kids Wear Leg Braces

I recently bought this book for Sammie B (after a friend posted about it on facebook):


I also bought copies for all her cousins. (Your copy may be coming to a mailbox near you soonish!)

Guess what? Sammie B LOVES it. I showed it to her, read her the title, and said, "do you know anyone that wears leg braces?" and she said, "Sammie B!" Then we read it together, and when I turned to the pages with kids with walkers and braces, she smiled and said, "ME!" And when I read the pages about how kids with braces are just like other kids (they like to play, they like their friends, etc.), she smiled bigger and said, "ME!"

Kind of melted my heart.

Since then, she's requested it nearly every night as one of her bedtime stories, and she gets most excited over the page where a little girl about her age is in a walker and playing at a little basketball hoop (something Sam does in PT). And, when B read it to her and asked her if she liked her leg braces, she said, "YEAH!" and he said, "do they help you?" and "what do they help you do?" and she said "WALKING!"

She loves that book. I love that she loves it. What a great find!

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Gina said...

I might need to get that for a couple of my students. Love this story.