Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year of the Bee!

I know I declared 2010 "The Year of the Bean," but I'm comfortable making this year the year of the "BEEE!" because, let's face it, EVERY year can be Sammie B's year if its up to me :o)

My hopes for 2011 are simple:

- Less doctor's visits
- More smilestones
- Even more giggles and love (if that's possible!)
- More "positive motion"
- That Sammie B's pre-school program proves to be, as we think it will be, PERFECT for her, and that she will continue to thrive there.
- To feel more often like I am actually "doing it all" -- with work, mama'ing and wife'ing
- More quality time with Mr. B

I read through my post from New Years last year, and I realize we -- all of us -- have come so so far this year. Our Sammie B can do so much more than she could this time last year - more words (including her newest, "Gigi" which has made Gigi's entire year!), more movement, more everything.

And, B and I have learned so much. I think the biggest lesson I've learned is that life never stops throwing curve balls, and while I can't catch them all (or control when they come, how fast they come or anything about them), I can adapt. And, I can adapt well. We can continually readjust our "new normal" and that's okay. We are okay. We are better than okay. We are fabulous. Our home is so so full of love and giggles, and our girl is so very very happy, safe and loved. And that feels good.

I've learned that I can wish and hope and wish and hope, but little Bee is writing her own story. And, I think I've found peace with that (not easy for a control freak!). In reading last year's post, I know that when I wrote that eating ham on New Years day is supposed to bring "positive motion," I was wishing and hoping for walking in that post . . . and while our sweet girl isn't walking yet, she is doing one heck of a butt scootch (which gets here where she needs to go most of the time); taking lots more assisted steps (and enjoying it!!!); and doing THE transition. So, see? We got our "positive movement," but her way, not mine. Yet. And, that too is okay. Inchstones. Her story. Not mine.

And so today, we will celebrate New Years just as we did last year -- a family dinner, including Sammie B's nanny (and the addition of Gigi this year) . . . with traditional southern fare -- ham (for "positive movement"); black-eyed peas (for prosperity); and greens (for MONEY!). What a wonderful way to ring in the new year!

2010 was good. Sure, it brought its worries and panic (like the MRI in January, the Hopkins visit in December and a few other appointments in the middle) but in all, it was still a great year. A year so very full of love. The "my heart is so full it might explode" kind of love. The very best kind.

And, here's to hoping 2011 is even better. Little Bee, this is your year. May the inchstones continue . . . slowly making their way into smilestones. I will, no doubt, be giddy with joy over each and every one of them. Because that, my little girl, is what you do to me.

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marie clare said...

Heres to the year of the Bean. Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2011 with lots of smilestones and less worrys.