Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Holidays Behind Us

I posted about Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but left Christmas Day and the days in between Christmas and New Years out . . . so I'll make up for it in pictures. Sammie B's best present? HER NEW CAR!!!

I did a LOT of looking for the perfect car for her . . . narrow enough that she would be supported, with doors so she wouldn't tumble out, a good seatbelt, and easy for us to push. So far so good with the little flyer!

She also got an indoor swing, which we are VERY excited about -- she LOVES it.

Gigi and PawPaw also visited, and loved every second of their time with the Bean and we loved having them!!! Their visit was timed perfectly because B got super busy at work, I got sick, so they got TONS of Sammie B time while I recuperated and B worked!!!

Following Christmas and the visit with Gigi and Pawpaw, we had a fabulous New Years -- NY Eve was spent at a friend's house having dinner. One of the perks of living on the West Coast is that we get to see the ball drop at 9pm, so we had champagne and dinner, watched the ball drop, and were home in bed by 11 pm :o) Then on New Years Day, I made the traditional southern NY meal my mom and grandmother always cooked. And I even looked up the meaning behind each thing -- black-eyed peas for prosperity in the new year; greens for money; and ham for positive movement. Our nanny and her mom came over for dinner, and it was wonderful to have the three key players on Sammie B's "team" (me, Brian and our nanny) eating together to bring in the new year. Sammie B refused the greens, but I told her we'd carry her through the year on money anyway . . . but I did manage to get many black-eyed peas in her (she loved them) and a little bit of ham (here's to POSITIVE MOTION!)

Now that the holidays are behind us, we are hoping to return to some semblance of a routine in the coming weeks! Life has been busy busy busy!

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