Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Those Keeping Score At Home

Not that its a contest or a race or anything you should be keeping "score" on, BUT, so far, Sammie and the Big Girl Bed - 3; Mama - 0.

For three nights, our sweet Bee has gone to sleep in her big girl bed (with me laying with her, and singing . . . Our new favorite is "Good night sweetheart, well, its time to go . . . ." at which point the little Bee fills in "Bah-du-bah-du."), and slept there -- alone -- until 1:00 am. Then, she's woken up, looked around for us and started crying. I've also been slammed at work, and so I've been staying up working every night after she goes to sleep, so the 1 am wake up has come JUST moments after I've fallen asleep. So, when she cries, I've been way too tired to do anything other than just crawl into bed with her.

I'm not beating myself up about this. She's two. She's got PLENTY of time to sleep alone in life, and frankly, I'm going to soak up this cuddly time too. And, Mr. B reports he's sleeping quite well. It's a win-win, I suppose.

I've also been getting up before her (which I do during the week anyway) but now I don't have to leave the lights off in my bedroom as I get ready. And, I wondered what she'd do when she woke up in the morning alone, in her new bed. I thought she'd cry. But instead, she's just woken up and immediately called out "mama?". Love her. Love my bee. Soooo much. I go running when I hear that "mama." I actually love her so much I miss her when she's sleeping.

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Heatherella said...

Aww...I miss my boys when they sleep as well!