Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Step-by-Step Guide to THE TRANSITION (By Sammie B!)

In case my post earlier didn't adquately describe the infamous TRANSITION, here you go, in picture form :o) (captured via blackberry by our ever-loving nanny while I work late :o( because sometimes, that's what balance requires!)

STEP ONE: Lay on your tummy, looking super cute.

STEP TWO: Get your bum in the air, wave it like you don't care, and PUSH with your arms. (Now is NOT the time to worry about your messy hair!)

STEP THREE: Keep PUSHING with those strong arms, ease back onto your cute little bum, and then (with some great effort) wriggle those leggies out from under yo bad self!


STEP FOUR: Finish that OT session and go out and party like the rockstar you are!

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