Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OT Evaluation

I worked from home today because Sammie B had her OT (that's occupational therapy) evaluation with the regional center today and I wanted to be here. I wasn't sure what it would be like to be home while someone else took care of my Bean, but it was fine. I actually stayed in my office and worked most of the day except when I came down for a quick bite to eat (and a few kisses and hugs of course!). It was nice to be able to see our nanny with her, and it just added to my confidence in the nanny!!! I snapped the picture above when I came down for a drink and found the Bean sound asleep after a bottle.

The OT evaluation went well. I get SO nervous before these appointments, and I feel nervous the whole time. I just HATE all the labels -- developmental delay, low muscle tone, etc. I can't help it -- I'm not even sure that "nervous" is the right word, but I guess all the labels and talk make me just feel anxious. Anyway, the therapist that did the evaluation is not recommending OT for Sam at this time. He doesn't think she really needs it, or would qualify. She is only "moderately" delayed so she really only qualifies for 2 hours of service per week, and we already have PT those two hours. Plus at this age, the PT and OT overlap quite a bit, so he thinks its better to stick with one therapist and program. But, we are going to do a check-in evaluation with him in our home once a month in case any issues arise later that would require OT. This still has to go before the regional center committee but this is his recommendation. He was super nice though, and very helpful. These regional center vendors are all so knowledgeable and supportive. He gave us a few more practical ideas on how to work exercising into our lives so that it doesn't feel like its controlling us . . . I actually didn't say how I'd been feeling, he just volunteered it and its exactly what I needed to hear -- this time in Sammie's life (her babyhood) is short . . . and its so important to ENJOY it and let her be baby and us be mommy/daddy. So, we can work exercising in 5-7 times per day (he suggested after each diaper change) but in between, just focus on enjoying her . . . which is great advice.

We got Sammie's pink glasses back (with the new lenses) BUT we've all fallen so in love with the lavender ones that we think the pink should be our back-up pair!!

I have a filing at work next week -- a fairly substantial brief that I must write so work is going to be crazy for a week or so . . . I suppose there's no time like the present to THROW myself back into it and finally (hopefully) feel like I'm back in the lawyer game.

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