Monday, June 8, 2009

Another "Night Before" Post

Tomorrow is the neuro-ophthamologist appointment, and of course, I'm a ball of nerves. I also have a motion to write for work. It's due Wednesday, but I'm going to try to stay up tonight so that the motion is DONE before the doctor's appointment (or at least substantially done) b/c I don't know how productive I will be after the appointment.

Despite the obvious anxiety, I'm doing okay. We spent the weekend in Nor-Cal with some of our favorite people on earth (people that are just good for my soul) and everyone enjoyed Samantha so much (as do we!) which really helped me to focus on the good and try to put the worrying aside and just LIVE for a few days. It felt wonderful! And today I had a long talk with a friend at work that again reminded me to not "go there" until I have to . . . to stop allowing myself to constantly think of the worst case scenario. I know I do that as a defense mechanism, but it has the potential to destroy me.

So, that's that . . . appointment tomorrow; fabulous fabulous weekend in Nor-Cal . . . and lots of giggles with Sam shared by all (especially her big cousins!) The giggles are the BEST!

Saturday night we even had a "slumber party" -- the Bean slept in bed b/t daddy and mommy ALL night! Brian likes to act resistent, but he LOVED it. She slept so well, but we didn't!!! We were both really conscious of her there . . . and she was wiggly (which is a GOOD thing -- her doctor would be happy to hear about her "scootching" in her sleep).

(And, let me take a moment to say THANKS to all my wonderful supportive friends and family members who read my blog and who's hearts hurt for Samantha, Brian and me when they read of our worries . . . it means SO much to all of us . . . so everyone, thank you and fingers crossed for tomorrow!)

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Elisa said...

Praying for a huge celebration dinner tomorrow night, replete with wiggles, giggles and scootches! Thinking of you guys and praying for happy news.