Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

I'm writing about this a few days late -- b/c I'd hoped the 'guest blog' would be complete, but since B hasn't submitted it yet . . . my version has to do!!!

Brian's first Father's Day was a fun family day!!! We started the day with a walk to our favorite deli, where we ate on the patio. Then, we went for a swim. This was actually Sam's second time in the pool, but her first time in a raft -- we got her this little lady bug to float around in. She wasn't so sure what to think (and the water was cold) but after a little bit, she relaxed and floated around. Some of the other kids in our villa (that are a little older than her) got in and she was just fascinated watching them. After the pool, we came in and she was WIPED out and took a nap with me in my bed and then zonked out again on B's chest!!! Perfect end to his Father's Day afternoon!!!

In other news, as promised, I started counseling today . . . this is going to be VERY good for me. Wonderful in fact.

Had a crappy day at work for reasons not worth going into here. But, then I came home to my Bean and Brian and we had bath and bedtime. And, in the bath tonight, we got Sam to start splashing (a first) and she didn't want to stop!! I've been showing her how she can splash for awhile, but she's so timid about things like that. But tonight, she finally just started splashing with her toy. We would say "splashy splashy" and she'd do it again :o)

The last two nights B has had meetings so we've had two girls nights . . . lots of mama-bean time!!! The best!!! :o)

I'm super-busy at work (reference unorganized partner) so I've had a tough week schedule-wise --- hurrying home to be with her so B could go to her meetings and then working after I put her to bed and into the wee hours of morning. No good. If only everyone could be as organized as yours truly.

Work stinks sometimes (lately, most of the time) but there's nothing better than coming home to my little bean and her HUGE smiles!!! I love my little family. Love it.

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