Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cuteness Abounds

Lots to tell about mine and Sammie B's fabulous girls' trip to St. Louis this past weekend, but since its after 2 am and I just finished doing some work and desperately need sleep, that must wait.

One of my favorite pictures from Sammie B's St. Louis Debut Party:

This is Sammie B (duh, you know her!) with my friend Melanie's sweet baby Presley, who is just 9 weeks old. Sam LOVED holding her, and since Presley is the third child in her family, she didn't seem to mind being poked and squeezed a bit.

Just as I thought it would, this picture made B's biological clock tick. Loudly. Not mine . . . I look at it and think it looks SO very sweet, and while I think Sammie B looks just darling sitting there holding such a sweet mini-person, I also think, "whoah, that mini-person looks like a LOT of work." I wonder if I'll ever totally feel READY for that? Our lives are so so full. The thought of loving another mini as much as I love my sweet Bean is just hard to imagine, and I worry so much that having No. 2 would take away from what I have to give her. Like she deserves the moon, the stars, etc., and I don't even know how I'd manage. Its just unimaginable.

But, really, isn't Sammie B so cute with Presley?

B needs a uterus. That would make things so much simpler in our world.

I have lots and lots and lots of thoughts on "Baby No. 2," but that's for another post. One thing I think B and I both have realized is that we don't have to wait for a magical moment, or some moment where we think there's just "room" in our lives for No. 2. You make room. And, we won't wait (as some have [insensitively] encouraged -- for Sammie B to be walking; not fair to her or us to have that sort of pressure/arbitrary timeline; and hey, non-mobile kids can be siblings too dammit, so frankly, we resent such suggestions); but we'll figure it out as we go I suppose, when we need to.

B REALLY needs a uterus.


Sarah said...

Awe! As hard as it is to imagine now, you really, truly will love #2 the same as the first. My whole pregnancy with Ella I worried about the same thing. But then she was here and my heart grew 10 times bigger. I don't know how it works, but just when you think you are giving all the love you have, you get more. It happened again when Luke was born. And you are right, no matter how much you plan, the "time" is never right. So you just do it and everything falls into place. Good luck when you decide. Sammie will be a great big sister!

WilliamsMommy said...

Everyone has their opinions, but experience of our other friends has shown that a sibling is great for our delayed children! I think that B's clock ticking is a good thing! lol You give so much love to Sammie, it would almost be a shame for you to not share some of that love with another do a great job!

(I guess you know my opinion haha) oxoxo

Kelly said...

People have told you to wait for No.2 until Sammie B is walking? uh, that just seems weird to me - like it's Sammie's job to get the family ready for No. 2? huh? I am baffled by some people....

anyway - you are right, there is NEVER a perfect time for another baby. At some point, you just have to take a deep breath and dive in and just believe that everything will work itself out. Yes, you have a full life with Sammie and B, and work and friends, but if adding to your family is what you want to do, I firmly believe that there is always more room and more love in your life for another child.

ok, so maybe I'm just saying this b/c I want another lawyer mommy to be pregnant with. I'm busted. ;-) but tell B I'm on his side on this one! lol.

Kelly said...
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EH said...

Sammie B is beyond cute holding Presley! The look on her face looked to me (before I read on about B's clock) like, "Mom, I like the baby. They're fun to hold. But you're not getting one of these for our house....are you?"

Having P just about killed me, so I'm off the hook for a #2. Occasionally I get the yen for a second one, though.