Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Special Letter!!

Dear little Sammie B,

There are really no words that can express how much you mean to us! From the moment that we found out that you were on your way to us, we have been totally, head over heels in love with you.

I will never forget the phone call that your mama made to tell me she was expecting you. While walking around shopping at a teacher’s conference, I had longingly looked at baby toys wishing I had a reason to buy for a baby. Just a few hours later, your mama called and told me the wonderful news about YOU! Honey, I started shopping for you the very next day (and have never stopped!)!

Your PawPaw was just as excited as I was and even more thrilled to learn that you were going to be named after him. It wasn’t long before he was on a plane to your house to help your dad paint your room that lovely shade of lavender that has since become your signature color ;o). After you were born and it was offically a "Sam," he called everyone he knew to tell him that his precious little namesake had arrived. And he's never passed up a chance to tell a stranger either!

While we were waiting for you to arrive there were other phone calls. When your mama got put on bed rest and was so so scared, I rushed to California to give her (and dada) the TLC THEY needed! I made them my famous chicken and dumplings and my special PBJs (don't worry I'll teach you the trick to those someday!).

Finally, we got the phone call that you were on your way. I so wanted to be there to welcome you to the world in person but didn’t quite make it in time. However, I was there before you were even one day old. When your dada walked me down to
the nursery to meet you I thought my heart would burst! To me you were (always will be) the most beautiful baby in the world. It was scary for mama and dada (and all of us) to have you arrive early, but I knew, just looking at you, that you would be fine. With all of my heart, I just knew.

PawPaw and I have made several trips out to see you over the past two years. We even got to be there to celebrate your HUGE first birthday part, that your parents MAY have gone a little overboard with (live music, 50+ people!). But really, each trip is more special than the last because we keep falling more in love with you each time. You have amazed and inspired us in so many ways. You are a hard little worker and you can be quite the little entertainer as well. Each visit brings new tricks. Your little stinky face is so adorable, when you shake that little butt I laugh out loud, and oh my goodness, when you reach out for me to hold you, I am ready to leave everything behind and move to CA!

We wish there were words to convey how truly special you are to so many people. Your mama and dada have taken on the role of parents with just as much drive and enthusiasm as they do in every thing they undertake. In your dada’s letter he said that he wants you to remember that life is a journey and that it is! We want you to remember that is more than ok to travel at your own speed and make stops along the way to enjoy the small things. You have quite a group of supporters, in your parents, in us, in your Nana and Papa, and we will all do everything we can to make your unique journey the best it can possibly be.

When I think about you part of a song often comes to my mind, “On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true,“ that angel my darling is you!!!

Happy Second Birthday!!!
Hugs and Kisses,
Gigi and PawPaw

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