Tuesday, October 19, 2010

By Request :o)

By request, pictures from Sam's first hippotherapy session:

She surprised me -- horses are BIG and kind of intimidating, so I expected some tears and shyness, but there were none. She was just SUPER serious. No smiles. Just serious. But at the end, she signed "more more more," so we are very excited to go back! She'll be having hippotherapy two times per month -- this isn't covered by the regional center, but is something we have to pay for out-of-pocket and yes, it is another thing to fit into her insane little life, BUT (1) this doesn't seem like work, just fun and (2) hippotherapy seems to be EVERY PT, orthopedist, physiatrist (etc.)'s no. 1 recommendation for building trunk strength. So, there ya go ... hippotherapy!

(PS: We were a little surprised they didn't supply helmets -- even if someone was holding her pants the whole time, but her purple (of course) helmet has now been ordered by yours truly!).


EH said...

Wow! My 3 year old is terrified of horses up close (she likes the idea of them 20 feet away). What a brave girl!!

Dinei said...

My incredible aunt used to teach vaulting on horseback (that same set up leads to some incredible stunts!) and always loved doing these therapy sessions. Five years ago she had a brain aneurysm and now has fought her way back so that tone, balance, and eye coordination are her only real lingering issues - so now she does horse therapy as a client!

I hope Sammie B continues to love this - she looks great up there, and the whole experience can do great things.

EH said...

I just read this article and thought of you and your wonderful girl:


Can't wait to see more pics. (hint!)

marie clare said...

Yeah! Horse are good for the SOUL too (of course Im a little biased)
I see her hair in ribbons some day at a horse show (wish i could attach a pic here but it wont let me :(

Sebrina said...


abby said...

I'm thrilled to see that Sammie is in hippotherapy. It's been HUGELY helpful to Hallie, who also has low trunk tone. The center that Hallie goes to is staffed exclusively by therapists (our old one wasn't) and that's made a difference too. It's amazing what they have kids who have significantly more challenges in terms of mobility doing up on the horses and how much their parents think the therapy has improved their lives.