Monday, November 1, 2010


Sammie B was a rockstar for Halloween, as was I. It was a super fun evening. B didn't dress up, so I just said he was our body guard. We'd had a busy week, and wanted to keep things low-key so went to a little local "parade" for little kids . . . we were the parade. Basically all lined up and walked around with our kiddos in costumes and stopped at a few local businesses for candy. We were gone from our house less than an hour. Perfect for the tiny kids and the parents who don't want tons of candy. It was funny . . . I think Sam "got" the whole costume thing. When we were at home, she kept taking off her Madonna-esque lace headband (as I expected) but once we got to the parade and she saw everyone else in costume, she left it on. And, carried her microphone. She was a rockstar, just like she is every other day of the year.

And, just for fun, flashbacks from the past two Halloweens with our sweet Sammie B!!!

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