Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sammie B, a few of the many ways you melt me:

After my last post of spilling it, I need to memorialize some of the fantastic moments of the last week or so . . . May I never ever ever let the moments of worry overshadow the moments of magic.

Dear Sammie B,

Last week, your nana watched you while Dada and I went to a movie. You fell asleep on nana, but when I came home and moved you, you barely opened your eyes (I don't think you woke up) and you said, ever so quietly, "mama," and then were back fast asleep. I melted.

Last night, I had tons of work to do, so Dada was going to do bedtime with you solo. You cried. Then you started calling, "maaaaa maaaaa," which you rarely do. See, when I ask you who I am, you always say, "Mama" with a HUGE smile, but you rarely say it to GET my attention. But last night? You said it because you WANTED me. And, even though I knew Dr. Spock would tell me to let you be, and let your dada comfort me, I went to you, because your "maaaaa maaaaas" kept getting louder, and my heart was shattering a tiny bit.

In speech therapy (and in general) you LOVE books. Your therapist will point to things in the book and try to get you to make the sound (like "ball" or "moo" or "boo") and you try so hard. But when she gets to a sound you don't make (like "woof") you've started signing "all done" and closing the book and signing for another one. My little sweets, you make me giggle. (You MAY get this from your mama -- I tend to have a "If I'm not good at this, I'm not doing it attitude," so we'll work together on trying to keep at things, even when they are hard for us!).

You've learned the sign for "sorry," and when you accidentally hurt me (for example, poking my eye when we are laying in bed trying to sleep) and I say "OUCH!," you immediately sign "sorry" and burst into tears. Its truly the sweetest thing ever. My little girl, you are SUCH a little lover.

You LOVE feeding your babies. Or giving them milk. Whether its a pretend bottle, a pretend cookie, or your food, you are always willing to share with your baby dolls. You are a lover.

You've also just started saying "uh uh" for "uh oh" and you love to drop things now and give yourself the opportunity to try out your new word. I've tried explaining to you that "uh oh" is for when you accidentally drop things, not when you throw them on the floor, but we'll keep working on that! The other night, when we went grocery shopping, you kept reaching behind you, grabbing things OUT of the cart, and then dropping them on the ground and saying "uh uh." Again, my girl, you make me giggle.

My sweet Sammie B, our life with you has been a lot of things, but most importantly, its been full of love and giggles. You melt me.

And here's to so so many more moments of love and giggles,


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