Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sammie B Loves To Read!!

I love these pictures, because they show how engaged Sammie is in her books. She LOVES books. When we sit her on the corner of the couch, she immediately reaches toward her pile of books on the table next to the couch. And, when she cries when we take something away, its always a book. We love reading to her, and love that she loves it :o)

We had a great weekend. Saturday, we met friends at the park where Sammie sat in the sand for a long time, and then all had lunch. It was a great time! We are lucky to be connecting with so many fabulous families in LA. After our park and lunch date, we had a long family nap (glorious) and then Sammie B and daddy hung out while I ran out to return a shirt I'd bought for myself. I went to THREE stores all by myself, which is rare occurrence. I hoped to find something cute for me to wear to Sammie's bday party in a couple of weeks (I haven't bought myself ANY casual clothes post-baby, and its time!) I coudn't find anything though so I was a little bummed . . . I left on my solo-shopping trip and came home with nothing more than two bags of baby food from Whole Foods!!!!

Sunday was a mommy-Sammie day and we had a GREAT day -- we went out for breakfast (bagel for me; peach oatmeal from a jar for her); took a walk to the ocean to see boats, and then I got a PEDICURE. (ALL before noon no less!) This was my first attempt at getting a pedicure with the Bean in my lap, but it was a HUGE success. She sat there watching everything the girl did, and was so calm. She kept reaching toward the water though so I asked the girl to squirt her, and she loved it. After that, we took a nap together and then headed out shopping AGAIN to look for clothes for me and her. I want her to have a super special outfit for her birthday, but I can't find anything -- b/c all the stores have fall clothes out, and its too early for that here. So, I didn't find anything for her, but found several things for me (THREE OUTFITS . . . I bought with the idea that I'd return some -- I didn't try them all on since Sammie B was along for the trip, but I love them all too too much --- I'm just lucky my husband is a sucker for cute clothes and agreed that I should keep them all). Through all of the shopping, Sam was so good and so patient, and just enjoyed riding along in the stroller. B tells me I'm crazy, but I feel bad when she spends long periods of time just riding along in her stroller. I try not to run too many errands on the weekends, b/c I don't want her stuck in her stroller or car seat all day . . . plus I always feel like we should be working with her - practicing PT, etc., so I get these guilt-issues on days like today where she spends much of the day in her stroller. It's probably silly, but I do feel that way. B reminds me though that those are new experiences too . . . and she loves the walks, and still got to spend the WHOLE day with me.

She only took a super short nap in the car on the way home, and then was awake all evening - we did her PT exercises with her, had dinner, and went for a walk with the Dude (that's our dog for anyone that doesn't know!). A GREAT day and a great weekend. I'm always sad to see the weekends end, and to head back to work on Monday. I will be up late tonight working, but its worth it to have gotten so much Sammie time this weekend. I'm also going to be traveling for work this week, which I hate more than anything. I try to minimize time away by flying red-eyes and heading straight to the office, but then I end up beyond exhausted.

I'm in such a great place lately -- we've really settled into a routine with PT/OT, etc., and Sammie is just doing so well in everything. Even more important -- she seems to ENJOY all the therapies, which certainly makes them easier for all involved. The progress feels slow at times, but lately, the improvement has been more obvious than ever. I may wish that I could make things easier for her, but really, I just look at her, and know that she's perfect just the way she is.

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