Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

It seems like just yesterday, you were a tiny little pea that slept your days away, like this:

And, you are still that sweet, sweet pea, but in the last year, we've watched you grow into a little girl that's full of smiles, giggles, and oh so much love.

Thank you sweet girl for being the happy little bean that you are. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are my Bean. I love you all the way to the sky and back . . . This has been the best year of my life, and I cannot wait to share all that life has in store for us with you and your dada. You are our world.

Happy first birthday my sweet Sammie B.

Your ever lovin' Mama

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Elisa said...

I LOVE this before and after! I also love how HUGE your bean always smiles in pictures! That is one happy girl! No wonder - with a loving, devoted mom like you and a great dad like Brian. Happy birthday to all three of you!