Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sammie B's Loves an Audience!

Today, Sammie B was the model baby used during a PT training class that I mentioned a few posts ago. Per my usual, I worried leading up to it that the instructor would say something about Sam that would send me into another tailspin of worry. And, we (me and B) both figured Sammie B would fuss during the class. Even with our PT, she fusses at the beginning each time. Its HARD work for her!! Our PT likens it to a really tough trip to the gym for us. Sam's PT came to support us (how nice, right?!) and she told the instructor before it started that Sam sometimes takes awhile to warm up and stop fussing and that she's stingy with her smiles during therapy.

Well, in true Bean style, she shocked us all. She did AMAZINGLY. No real fussing. Moved well, and just generally did a great job. And, she clearly LOVES having an audience. We were in the center of a big play gym, and the 18 students were surrounding us. Every now and then, Sam would notice them, and just stop what she was doing and flash a huge smile. Such a little crowd-pleaser. SOOOOOO stinking cute. When she smiled, you could hear the "awwwwww's" going through the class!

After we left, the class & instructor were going to discuss the treatment session. For whatever reason, that gave B and I both pause . . . its just uncomfortable. Almost like if they are going to be talking about the Bean, OUR Bean, we WANT to be there. But, that's what we signed up for. Our PT stayed for the discussion though even though she wasn't in the class. I think that says a LOT about her . . . and her commitment to Sammie. Sam has her regular PT tomorrow, so B will get to talk to our PT about the discussion. We both feel like this was just a wonderful opportunity. We love our PT, but its always nice to sort of get someone else's take on things, and new/fresh ideas. So, we are excited that our PT was there, and that she stayed after to participate in the discussion about our Bean.

The pictures above are from the class -- Sammie B is wearing nothing but her diaper and her birthday suit so that the class could better watch her movements. And, let's face it --- Sammie's birthday suit is the cutest!

After the class, we went out to lunch, and then to Babies R Us for diapers. All in all a GREAT day.

I also had a fantastic day with Sammie B yesterday while B and our friend Matt painted our extra bedroom. I got in from Cincinnati late Friday after Sam was already sleeping. When she woke up Saturday am at 6:20, I put her in bed with us, and she slept (we slept -- all three of us) until after 9. It was fabulous. Then we all went to breakfast; Sammie and I took a long walk; then I had to work for about an hour to tie up loose ends from my trip so Sammie played in the floor next to me for a bit; then we took a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on babe food (where she proceeded to have the BIGGEST public melt-down we've had in months. I had her in the Ergo carrier on me, and she wanted OUT . . . I hadn't used that in awhile, and she kept pushing away from me b/c she just wanted to be FREE. Once I took it off, and just held her, she was fine b/c she could move around more, but it was quite an event - I heard people on their cell phones in the store saying, "I'll call you back," and looking toward me with my screaming Bean!); then home for more quality mama-baby time (including our usual mama-baby bath) before bed.

SOOOOOOO the bad news is that I'm headed BACK to Cincinnati tomorrow for three more days away from my family. Stinks. I cried (again) today about having to go . . . .BUT, (and it pains me to ever say that B might have been right about something ;o)) as B said it would be before I left, I think the time away was good for me in some very very small way . . . good for me to be in my "work groove" for a few days (to remember how when I hit that groove, I kick ass and take names) AND to be forced to sort of let go of a little of the control in the parental sphere and let B be daddy for a few days (yes, admittedly, me = control freak about 95% of the time; I'm working on it!). BUT, it was SO SO SO hard to be away, and its going to be SO SO SO hard to be away again this week. Last week, I noticed EVERY baby EVERY where I went, and just longed for my own little Bean. Tonight, I made a video of me and Sammie for B to show her each night while I'm away!!!

I'm flying out tomorrow at 3, so I'll stay home in the am to hang with her and have some good quality time with my Bean before I have to jet . . . . and I'm sure I will look at her pictures 8 million times while I'm gone, and my heart will ache when I pass babies in the airport, hotel, etc. just like last week while I was away (thankfully, our nanny is a frequent texter/emailer and keeps the pictures coming!). Such is life I suppose.

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