Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing my Bean

I'm traveling for work. Again. This is my third trip in less than three weeks. And, while all of them are short, I am still having such a hard time being away from my Sammie B. B keeps telling me "its just a couple of days." True. But, I still WANT to be home with her. Going to her crib and seeing her smiling up at me each morning is such a fabulous way to start each day. Waking up alone in a hotel room after just a couple hours of sleep and working 15 hour days -- not so fabulous.

I called tonight and talked to Sammie B on the phone. B said she was smiling at the phone. I told her good-night and I made kissy noises, and I told her I'd see her tomorrow. She squealed with delight at my kissy noises. Someday, she'll be a little girl saying back to me, "good night" and "see you tomorrow." For now, she's just a tiny little bean making her little babbles and squeals, and I wish I was there.

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