Monday, August 24, 2009

A Growing Girl and a Mom Toooooo Tired for Words

We had a big, wonderful weekend filled with old friends and new. I'm way too tired to detail all the events, so I'll save that for another night. For now, I just thought I'd post a few pictures. The top is one that Sammie B's nanny took of her enjoying lunch :o) All smiles. The second is a picture that just amazes me. I'd noticed that our Bean's pants were getting shorter (case-in-point, third picture) so Sunday, I ran by the Gap to pick up a few pairs of the next size. When I held them up in the store, I thought, "these are so big, no way will they fit her." But, lo and behold, I came home and held them up to her and they were JUST RIGHT. I was amazed. So, I ran and grabbed the first sleeper she ever wore, to compare. And then I took a picture. I cannot believe how much this little girl has grown in her eleven months (today) on the planet. The next picture is just a picture that B took one day after he got home from work, and the last two . . . well, they are just of our Bean in the cutest, most appropriate t-shirt ever (from a fabulous friend!) - it says, "What are you looking at four-eyes?"

I'll save the more serious ramblings for another night. Must.get.sleep.

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