Sunday, August 2, 2009


Third post of the night . . . big times!

Sammie B's newest food --- COTTAGE CHEESE!!! She liked it!!!

And, in other news, which I forgot in my last post, SAMMIE B HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!!! B called me on Thursday while I was away and said, "Our little Samantha has a tooth!!!" Yep, mama goes out of town and she sprouts her first tooth. She hasn't been sleeping well, and we've been going 'round and 'round about what to do. B was for the "cry-it-out" approach. I'm opposed. Pediatrician thought it could be transition after surgery and said NOT to do the cry-it-out thing, but we were both exhausted and just beside ourselves (though its gotten MUCH better . . . we are back to getting up just once a night for a few seconds, instead of multiple times and staying up longer). BUT, I think the tooth explains it!!! It's not a full tooth yet, but you can feel and see it. I couldn't wait to get home from my trip and see it with my own eyes!!!

I bought homeopathic teething tablets today that many friends have recommended so hopefully, as this thing pushes further and further through her gums, she can get some relief AND daddy can get some sleep while I'm away! I can't imagine how much it must hurt her!!! And to think of how many MORE teeth we have to get in!!!

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