Monday, August 31, 2009

Hollywood Kisses

I've got tons of work to do tonight, but I have a few quick thoughts:

  • Sam had a FABULOUS PT session tonight, so my spirit was soaring. I wish my spirit could just stay that way, and the PT sessions didn't have the power to make or break my day (depending on how Sammie B does). That's so unfair to her, makes me angry at myself, and makes me feel like the worst mother ever.
  • Tomorrow is the neurologist appointment. Anxiety. 'Nuff Said.
  • Saving the best for last - tonight Sam grabbed both of B's cheeks and pulled him in for a smooch. Bsaid, "Hollywood Kisses" and we all laughed. She was super pleased with herself, and after that, B kept saying "Hollywood Kisses" and she would do it again :o) What a charmer. Our FABULOUS SAMMIE B.

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