Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend. I tried something new this weekend --- when I left work on Friday I told myself that I wouldn't be sad or resentful or angry that I had to work on the weekend (which I knew I would) but that I'd just do my best to ENJOY every second that I wasn't working. And that's what I did. . . Friday night B and I had a date night -- a cooking class, which was SUPER FUN. We really had a wonderful time. The classmates were not very social or outgoing which was kind of a bummer, but B and I really just chatted through the whole thing, and had a great time. Sammie B was with our most fabulous friends Matt & Renee - though it was our first time leaving her at someone else's house, and she FREAKED OUT which is pretty sad, but all survived :o) And, I got the biggest smiles EVER when we got there to pick her up.

Saturday B had a meeting, so Sammie and I had a girls' day -- we met friends (old and new!) at the park and then hit up TJs for some groceries (cooking class inspired me). Then we came home and played for while before B got home, then the whole fam took a really long walk to another park before making dinner and sitting down to a nice family dinner together :o) It was a great Saturday.

Sunday, I worked -- but only after a cuddly morning with Sammie B in our bed :o) It sucked to work, but it had to be done, and I'm glad I enjoyed my Saturday. Maybe that's the answer to my struggle to the work/life issue -- try my hardest to just give 100% of myself to whatever I'm doing in the moment. If I'm at work, try to give 100% to that; if I'm at home do the same instead of constantly wishing I was at home with Sam when I'm at work; or fretting about work when I'm with her. The nature of my job is that it always comes home with me. I don't get to clock out and come home and forget about work until the next day because I'm always expected to be checking the blackberry, there's always more I could be doing, etc., and because there's spill over in that direction (work into home) its also natural that I find myself distracted by home at work sometimes. Always a struggle. But maybe if I can try to focus on where I am in the moment, I will find myself both more productive at work and happier when I'm home (instead of feeling resentful when I'm home that I don't get more time at home).

While I worked today, B took Sammie for a long walk, and then they went to Target together. She's in a total "smitten with daddy" mood lately. All he has to do is look at her, and she just BEAMS. It is SOOOOOO cute :o) Then we had another (home cooked, or grilled, actually) dinner before bathtime/bedtime.

Even with a little work thrown in, I had a fabulous weekend . . . so maybe if I can put this new attitude into practice, there will be more days like this, and less of the days full of the work/life balance struggle that never seems to end.

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