Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fifth and Second

Sammie B has FIVE Halloweens in the bag, and Mia has two.  How is that even possible?!  I feel like just yesterday, Sammie B was my little (sleeping) chicken . . .

Sammie B!






The police officer costume was a total game-day change in plans.  Sammie B has been deciding between a princess or a fairy for what seems like months . . . but for the last two weeks, has been insistent that she'd be "the green fairy" or Tinkerbell.  But then I found out yesterday that they weren't dressing up at school today (lame) so this morning, when Sammie B said she wanted to wear her fairy costume, I talked her into putting this little outfit on for school with the promise that she could change into her Tinkerbell costume as soon as we got home.   (We have a lot of dress up clothes; I bought police outfit months ago, but she's always flatly refused to wear it; the princess costumes are her choices every time).  So, she wore it.  Reluctantly.  Then, I went to pick her up at school, and she told me "I don't want to be a fairy.  I want to wear this."  So she did.  All day.   I taught her to say "I'm Officer Sammie.  I'm here to help you!" and she blew her whistle all day and was a hit every where we went (PT, HPOT and to some friends' houses tonight).  And right now, she's in bed, wearing her police costume because she didn't want to take it off.

Mia Mia!



And our little whoopie cushion!!!!!!   I'm pretty sure Mia's costume was the favorite of everyone at daycare.  Ridiculously cute.  Ridiculous.

Happy Halloween!!!

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