Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Year.

Mia's birthday letter is forthcoming.  Suffice it to say, tonight (on her actual birthday), that I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's been one year since Mia Mia was born.  A year.  We will celebrate her birthday (in a big way) this weekend, but today, we had extra hugs, extra kisses, extra giggles, and extra birthday love.  And, B came home after 5 days away, so a good, good day indeed.

One year ago today, and this moment -- the moment my girls met each other for the first time -- is still, hands down, my favorite moment ever.  It feels like it was yesterday, not 365 yesterdays ago!  I can still hear Sam's giggles and squeals of glee of "Baby Mia!" when she saw her sister and held her for the first time.   My eyes filled with (happy) tears as I just looked at them, then looked at B, both of us smiling from ear to ear silently saying to each other -- with our eyes -- "they are ours! TWO!  Two little girls!  Sisters!"   So very, very blessed. 

These girls are my heart.  My heart.

Happy Birthday, Mia Mia.  We love you.  You truly are like the perfect little puzzle piece that was meant to fit in this little family.  The piece that was meant to make us four.  

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