Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just Playin'

I'm so excited to share that I've recently been elected to the Board of Directors for a national non-profit that builds universally accessible playgrounds and does education programs for kids of all abilities, in an effort to reduce bias towards kids with disabilities.  Fabulous group, fabulous mission, and something I'm just so very proud to be a part of.

Last week, I took the girls to one of the playgrounds built by this organization, and we just had a blast.  Truly, truly, every playground *should* be accessible.  Every playground should be one where my two girls can play alongside each other, and alongside kids of all abilities.  A place where typical kids can see kids with disabilities playing.  So they can see the ways those kids are just like them.  A place that can spark conversations between parents and kids about how kids who might seem so very, very different at first blush are just like other kids.  Knocking down bias through play.

We are fortunate to live in a city with many accessible playgrounds.  We don't go to them nearly as often as we should . . . but everytime I do go, I leave thinking, "we have to go to the playground more often."

We do.  We have to. 

Watching Sammie B stand everywhere at that playground, with so little help, blew me away.   Progress is there, in the inchstones.  In the "is she really just holding on with one hand?" moments and the "oh my goodness, she's standing and steering the pirate ship!" moments.  It's there.  And, really, I can't think of any better way to help her "work" her little body than by playing at the park.   A park designed for, built for . . . kids of all abilities.  Designed so that my Sammie B and her sister can play right alongside each other. 

"What work I've done, I've done because it has been play." - Mark Twain

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schlennerfamilyof4 said...

What a huge accomplishment Allison! Wonderful wonderful work.