Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weeks like this . . .

wear me the EFF out. For real. I actually have a more substantive post in the works, but I most definitely don't have the energy to finish it tonight. We had our appointment with the new PT on Friday, then a relaxing family weekend, then an appointment with Sam's physiatrist on Tuesday, then I went into the office today (for my one day a week in the office) and got totally bombarded with work and ended up staying three hours longer than my doctor thinks I should (this job is just so hard to do on any predictable, enforced schedule, and truthfully, I'm not sure how to make it work that way during this time when I NEED to for the sake of the miniest B), we have a developmental assessment tomorrow with the developmental pediatrician at Sammie B's school (and unfortunately, its not the one I loved loved loved before, but someone new, so I've got the usual pre-appointment anxiety going on), and our second appointment with the new PT (to finish the intake stuff and assessment and talk more about some treatment goals going forward) on Friday. A whole lot of assessing going on, too much talking about the "can'ts" and the "cans" if you ask me, and this mama is WORN OUT. Honestly, I think a 80-hour work week is less draining than one filled with all these stinking assessments and appointments. Add to that some insomnia (which is so unlike me) and nighttime leg cramps and I'm a walking zombie.

But on the brighter side of things I got a text from Sammie B's nanny after school today that had me giggling ALL afternoon, even though I was upset that I still had hours of work to do, that the partners I'm working with needed everything, and that I felt guilty for staying longer than "doctor's orders," and even guiltier bailing at 7:30 pm and sending the partner an email saying, "here is the draft so far, but I've GOT to go home."

Anyway, the giggles. So apparently, Sammie B's class took a little trip to the market today in their six-seater wagon, and Sam saw her teacher carrying money and she kept saying, "me!" and "I want money!" so he let her hold the money on the way to the market. But, as soon as he gave her the money, she looked at it, and said, "MORE MONEY!" That's my girl. She also insisted on buying bananas at the store, and actually ate one that she picked out. Little stinker won't eat a banana at home for anything. Even though I wasn't with her at school today, when I heard that story, I could just picture my girl demanding "MORE MONEY!" and insisting that they buy bananas at the store (as she does every time we go to the market, but then won't eat them!) and feeling so proud that she got to hold the money for her teacher. That story just captures her spirit, captures the magic and giggles that she is.

I so needed those giggles this afternoon.

Her snazz outfit she wore to school today, complete with sparkly purple converse. Girl's got style and magic.


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sparkly purple Chucky T's! I love hearing your Sammie stories so much, and her pics are always so cute I could just eat her up! Your little girl rocks my socks :)

Kristen said...

oh mama what a week! thinking about you!

Gina said...

Doesn't it simultaneously madden and thrill you when they eat something at school that they refuse at home? L does it all.the.time.