Sunday, December 12, 2010

We found love in Baltimore!

The details of the much-anticipated, long-awaited, super nerve-inducing appointment at JH are following, but for now I just had to post some pics of Sammie B and her main man, Joe.

Joe's mama and I connected on one of my online forums for delayed kiddos, and when we decided we were going to Hopkins, she said she'd drive THREE hours to meet us! So glad she did -- it was a wonderful day, and a great way to spend our pre-appointment day. It is SO very very refreshing to meet *new* friends that just get it . . . and that was just the case, L and I chatted for hours about our sweet beans and what their delays and therapy schedules and everything under the sun means for our lives. With no lengthy explanations needed, just chatter. Without skipping a beat. I'm now trying my best to convince her to join me for BlogHer 2011 in San Diego!!!

Oh, and true to form, Mr. Joe was actually way more into me than he was to Sammie B. I tried to explain "cougar" to him . . .

The second he could get away from Sammie B's hand-holding forwardness, he made a bee line for me.

I'm so glad we got to meet this little dude (and his mama) in person. We've been big fans for a long time, and now we're even bigger. Here's to two magical little kiddos!


Lia said...

This just made my week! Love it.

So glad to have met you guys!

Erica said...

i LOVE internet friendships becoming real life ones! yay you guys.