Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Sammie B, The Way You Do The Things You Do

If ever there were a picture that captures exactly who our Sammie B is, right now, this is it:

Sammie B, you are a lover. This sort of moment is a regular thing . . . we'll just be sitting around as a family, and you'll reach over and rest your little hand on one of our shoulders or legs, and just sit there like that. Or we'll be laying in bed at night, and you'll rub one of our backs, while we rub yours. You are a lover.

You are also REALLY into giving kisses right now. To ANY of your favorite book characters, to babies, to your stuffed animals, to us. When we tell you we love you, you usually immediately lean over for a hug and a kiss. Or sometimes, you just lean over and rest your head on our shoulder . . . your way of saying, "I know, I love you too." You are a lover.

You've recently told us that "Mummo" is your favorite person. Dada asked, "Sammie, who is your favorite person?" and you immediately said "Mummo" . . . I said, "that was mama, right?" and your dad laughed and said, "no I think its Elmo," and we asked again, and you shouted "MUMMO!" like "didn't I just tell you people this?" So, Elmo it is. I hope I'm at least second place ;o)

Lately, you just do so many things that amaze, surprise, and (of course) melt me. I'll be sitting at work, and think of some cute little thing you did the night before, and I can't help but smile to myself. Or I'll think of something new that you showed us that you knew, and I'll just beam with pride.

I know I won't possibly be able to remember all of my most recent favorite moments with you, but I'm going to give it my best.

When we were in Baltimore, twice you did signs that I didn't even know, and certainly didn't know you knew -- tree & bus. When we were getting on the shuttle bus at the hospital, you made the sign for "bus," and I looked at your dada and said, "is that bus?" And he said, "yes." You learned this one on your own, just from your videos. Same thing with "tree." We were walking past a Christmas tree in the hotel and you just signed "tree," which I didn't know you knew. See baby girl? You are amazing.

One of my most favorite things you do is that anytime you are "thinking," you put your finger to your chin and say "hmmmm." You learned that from your nanny, and it is 100% hilarious. I'll ask you, "do you want Elmo or your penguin?" or "where's the apple in your book?" or something similar and you immediately put that finger to your chin and say "hmmmmm" while you decide. I usually giggle (I can't help myself) and then, you'll look at me, giggle, and do it again while you finish thinking.

You now say the word "no" A LOT. And the super cute thing is that you have many different versions of no. For instance, a simple question like, "Sammie B, do you want some water?" might get a quiet, "uh, no." But a "do you want to go to sleep?" will get a very very determined "NO NO NO" every time. And the other day, you and I were just laying in bed, and we heard dude (your doggie) trotting up the stairs with something rattling in his mouth. You couldn't see him (nor could I) but you recognized the sound of your baby doll in his mouth, and you immediately screamed the most frantic "NO!" that could possibly come from your little mouth. That one made me laugh all day. And even better, when we were in Baltimore, and your dad had a SLIGHT case of road rage and was yelling at other drivers, you yelled "NO NO NO" right along with him. You are such a little ham, my girl.

You are also such a sensitive little girl. You know the sign for "hurt" and for "sorry" and whenever you need to use them, you do, but sorry always always always comes with tears. The other night, I was reading you a book about a dog named Spot, who got hurt, and needed a band-aid on his knee. On that page, you started crying. Little girl, you melt me. And tonight, when we discovered that Dude had chewed the nose off your Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, you just fell apart. I held you and you cried and I kissed Minnie's noseless face and promised we'd get a new one soon. Because you don't have the words to tell me yet, I'm never totally sure how much you understand, but tonight, my sweet girl, I knew you understood that your Minnie had lost her nose, and you didn't like it one little bit!

New words and word approximations seem to be popping up daily. You've now said "dool" for "school" and "pay" for "play" (which also happens to be your most frequently used sign). You are a quiet little girl who takes some prompting to use the words you do have, but they are coming, and even without words, you are so so communicative with us. There's rarely a moment where you can't tell us what you want, either through signs or words. You really are so so amazing.

As I type this, I'm keenly aware that some of our DD friends haven't yet found their voices, and some have lost them, and I know we are so very very blessed to have heard yours. As the words come, my heart soars, and I can't wait to hear all that you will tell us in your life. For now, you tell your stories with a few words, but mostly with signs, smiles, your many many expressions (you furrow your brow frequently when trying to figure things out, just like your mama!), giggles, hugs and touches, and we love it. Every single bit of it.

If I light up your world just a fraction of the amount you do mine, then I feel good about myself as a mama.

And Sammie B, from the tons and tons of messages, calls and texts we got before, during and after the big Hopkins appointment, it is so very clear (as it has been for awhile actually) that your fan club is widespread and huge. With your magical smile and loving personality, you have won the hearts of many. It is what you do. It is part of your magic. And I know, my girl, that as you add new words and new skills, your fan club members are beaming right along with me and your Dada.


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Lia said...

She is such a sweetie-pea! I love your letters to her.