Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to the Holiday Cheer

As it usually does, the "ship" has sort of righted itself. I'm feeling better, trying to stay on top of things at work (or I guess, get on top of things, because "stay on top" sort of assumes I'm already on top, and I'm not), and Sammie B is recovering from her cold too. We all had a better night of sleep last night. The "simplify" the holidays plan is also still in force, and we are indeed dining out for Christmas. We will, however, be doing something SUPER fun on Cmas Eve, assuming the weather cooperates -- DISNEY LAND!!! We realize its going to be insanely busy, but Sam really is enjoying characters and Christmas and all that jazz this year, AND its the last year she'll qualify for free admission so we are going to go for it. I've never seen the Land decorated for the holidays, so we are all pretty stoked.

Eventually, I'll finish the draft posts I have started, but can't seem to finish, but for now, Christmas cheer in photos . . . three years worth!

2010 (with a smile!)

2009 (completely frozen, like "maybe if I don't move, this red guy won't notice my parents just plopped me on his lap")

and 2008 . . . barely a pea on Santa's lap

Sam knows what Santa says this year, "Ho Ho Ho!" and has been enjoying handing off presents to her therapists, so it truly has been a fun season. She LOVES Christmas trees, and both signs and says "chi" every time she sees one, including ours. When we saw Santa, we asked her what she wanted to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas, and she signed "tree" immediately. So, she's in the spirit. Mama's getting there.

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Gina said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!! Take pictures of Disneyland please!