Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wall Standing Rockstar

While I was laying in bed sickie sick yesterday, Sammie B had THREE therapy appointments (I know, what am I whining about, right?! This kid works so stinking hard!). Because of the holiday, we moved appointments around this week so she could still get as much therapy in as possible . . . resulting in a three appointment day. And, despite therapy overload, sweet Sammie B had a rockstar day in therapies! Here's my favorite picture from the day:

Wallstanding! Sammie B can't quite stand by herself yet -- she just doesn't have the balance -- BUT she's now standing with just the wall behind her for support. And as you can tell from the picture, she's not really using the wall to support her weight, its just sort of there for balance. And, look at her knees! Not locked! Weight supported through her entire foot! This is good good posture from my sweet girl! Friends see these pictures and say she's "so close" to walking . . . and sometimes all I see is how far away it still seems (and I feel guilty and hate myself for always being such a negative nelly), but then a picture like this reminds me . . . the progress hasn't stopped. Not at all. Each day (each moment really) we are moving ahead, inchstones at a time. I see this picture and I can tell how FAR she's come. . . which accomodative behaviors she no longer needs to stand (like locked knees) and just what a rockstar she really is.

So, here's to Sammie B and her inchstones. Slow and steady.

And a quote I saw on a friend's facebook status today that I just love love love:

"Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles."-Alex Karras

I've got a tough little girl, but you already knew that.


EH said...

Congrats to your rockstar!!!

Kristen said...

She's doing so well Allison! We are still locking our knees over here..but I know we will get there too. OH, and people have been saying P is going to walk/crawl soon for forever...I just smile and nod!

Momttorney said...

Sam locks most of the time too (I think) . . . to be honest, this picture was the first time I noticed they weren't locked. Maybe I just haven't been noticing! Who knows?!