Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday, Sammie B discovered a new form of mobility -- the butt scootch. There's a bunch of debate amongst PTs about whether you should encourage or discourage these sorts of non-traditional (i.e. not four-point crawling) forms of mobility, but we are in the "whatever works for her" camp, and well, we'll take it. With huge smiles.

She's been rolling and sort of backward army crawling for awhile, but adding this to her mobility options is pretty cool. Her OT happened to be there when she started doing it and is thrilled. She said this is so good for Sam's confidence, shows that she's motivated to move and motor plan, and will strengthen her arms and body.

The best part is how proud my sweet girl is of herself. The second I suggest doing something (like a diaper change) that she doesn't want to do, she smiles and scootches away. I think she's hilarious.

Last night, I sat in her room and watched her scootch over to her dresser, open the drawer, and take every single thing out. I sent the picture to the grandparents with the caption "mischief," and I think there were a few wet eyes amongst us. See, since Sam has been largely non-mobile, she hasn't had the same opportunities to "get into stuff" that mobile kids have. One of us is almost always right there with her. So, watching her just taking each thing out of her drawer, putting it into her pile, and smiling -- getting into stuff -- made my heart just SOAR.

Of course, being the sweet bug that she is, after she'd made a big mess, she put everything back herself. She truly is magic.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear that she's getting more mobile!

Kelly said...

yay Sammie B!!
I am surprised to hear that some doctors don't want to encourage "non-traditional" forms of crawling. That seems weird to me, mostly b/c there are so many kids nowadays, that don't have gross-motor delays, that never do a traditional 4-point crawl. I really think some kids just don't like it and find other ways to move themselves.....anyway, I'm so psyched for Sammie that she has motivated to scootch her butt around!

hey - could you send her over to teach Lexi how to clean up?

marie clare said...

Yay for the butt scooting boogie!!! Mobility in any shape or form is a WONDERFUL thing.
Ryans PT said she sees alot of girls do this instead of crawling, not boys. I have a feeling I know why. LOL