Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Luck,

Please turn around. We had a fabulous vacation last week (which I'll blog about and post pictures from soon) but apparently this week, some bad luck has decided to douse my post-vacation glow. First, Sammie B started running a fever on Monday. No other real symptoms, just a little tired and whiny, but after missing a week of therapy for vacation (which I had avoided until this point, we always took weekend trips to try not to miss therapy but then I figured EVERYONE needs a break, even little Beans, so we planned a week-long trip and were planning to cram extra therapy sessions in this week), we had to cancel much of her sessions this week as well. May be silly and overly worrisome of me, but I don't like doing that. She's been doing so well in therapy, and I worry that a break, especially an almost 2-week long one, will somehow set us back. But, such is life.

On top of the fever [which her pediatrician thinks is roseola, so now we just wait on a rash], I had a minor accident on the way to work this morning. Per my usual, I was rushing, and I made a dumb move and got slammed into by a mini-van who was probably going too fast but did indeed have the right-of-way. So, rather than making it to work EARLY like I'd promised I would, I got towed to a garage and am now at home waiting on Brian to get home so we can go pick up a rental car, and I'll likely be up late tonight finishing the work I'd hoped to do today. Good thing for insurance and remote access.

So, LUCK, turnaround now. Thanks.

[More later on the good vacation pictures, the deets on how therapy was going pre-vacation, and how post-trial work has been!]

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Kristen said...

Hi! I somehow found your blog and we are going through some of the exact same things with my son, including the weird eye movement. I am wondering if I can find out who your "Super Doctor" is? My email is

Thank you!! Sam is such a cutie!