Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because Blog Entries Are Just Better With Photographs

Damn me. Although I'm happy no one was hurt (and even more so that Sammie B wasn't with me), I still wish, of course, that I'd NOT banged up my darn car and that I didn't have to make an insurance claim (which will undoubtedly raise my premiums). These things always happen at the worst times, right?!! Like after having to spend thousands on home repairs because of rain, rain, rain and a stupid uncooperative HOA we are still fighting with for reimbursement? And after having to pay hospital bills for a certain someone's bout with collitis? And just after we meet with a financial planner like responsible adults planning for our future? Said financial planner will be less proud at our next meeting when we tell him what happened to that emergency fund we were so stinkin' proud of . . . Grrrrrrrrr.

Her car:

My car:

Damn me.

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