Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby You Amaze Me!

[Picture from our trip to Tahoe]

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to convey in words what I'm feeling right now . . . but I'm going to give it my best.

Tonight as I watched Sammie B playing with her speech therapist (oh yes, our week now includes 2x ST, 2x PT, 1x OT, and 1 swim lesson!), I was just overwhelmed with LOVE for her. I don't think its possible to fall any MORE in love with her than I already am, but lately, when I sit back and watch her interact with others, I just feel so amazed by her. It is difficult to put into words really, but I think its just sitting there watching her interact, seeing her follow directions, pick what (and how) she wants to play, watching her show affection and communicate what she wants and laugh at people's jokes, etc. . . watching her BE her OWN little person. It is amazing really. I felt this way when we went on our vacation (which I'll eventually post pictures from) and I watched her with her older cousins. She was clearly MADLY in love with them, and stoked anytime she got to be around them. And as I watched her with them (and them with her) I just felt overwhelmed with love and just utterly amazed by her. She's a little person. My favorite little person. My Sammie B.

Tonight, I sat quietly and just watched as she and her therapist played with Mr. Potato Head. Other moms whose kids do various therapies will probably relate to this experience (which I'm having a hard time putting into words), but as the therapist told her to do each thing (like find Mr. Potato Head's arm), I couldn't help but feel anxious. It is that feeling that your child is being evaluated, and wanting them to get it right. After all the evaluating we've been through, its hard to escape that knawing concern in these moments. But tonight, as she often does, Sam blew me away. She did things I didn't even KNOW she could do. Like when her therapist asked her to find Mr. Potato Head's arm in the bucket of potato head parts,(she knows HER arm, and doll's arms, etc., but I didn't know she'd be able to pick a random arm -- without a body -- out of a bucket of miscellaneous parts), she reached in and touched Mr. Potato Head's hair, picked it up (and I of course thought she thought THAT was the arm) and then she tossed that hair off to the side because TADA - the arm was right under that hair. She knew it. Amazed.

And that speech therapy session (only her third) was just overall GREAT. She even mimicked a bunch of the sounds the speech therapist was trying to get her to do, which is great . . . Sam always babbles a ton with us at home, but rarely with others. She's very quiet outside of her little comfort zone of family. But tonight, she even said "buhbuh" for bubbles! And last night, we got "bah" for ball . . . and she was SO proud of herself. Now she says "bah" everytime we pick up her ball.

Swimming also continues to go fabulously well - we had a lesson today (busy day!) and she was just kicking up a storm!!! She actually seems to understand that kicking her legs will propel her forward. And the movement in the pool is undoubtedly helping her build strength. Brian and I have both noticed she's using her lower body more -- like she's suddenly becoming more aware that she can manipulate those legs of hers too -- and we think that's likely coming from the pool time.

Sam is also signing much more. We didn't do sign language with her until recently -- didn't make sense to early on when we weren't so sure about her vision, and then with everything else in our lives, we just didn't focus on it, but lately, all of her therapists were encouraging us to sign with her, and we've been thrilled and amazed. She picks them up so quickly! She now signs "more," "all done," "milk," "water," "love," and "want." I feel like those signs have opened up the pathways of communication for us so beautifully, and definitely help Sammie B with her frustration . . . we are now working on "help," though fine-motor wise, that one is a bit harder for her.

Our favorite newest Sammie B thing is that when she is pooping, and is done, she signs "all done." Sometimes, when we think she's done, we say, "are you all done pooping?" and she'll sign "more." And, she's always accurate :o) Pretty funny! Sammie may be a long way from potty training, because of her motor skills, but the awareness of her functions is clearly there!!!

Our week is filled with therapies, and Sammie B's life is filled with more "work" than any toddler's should be, but its all just part of her story. And today's chapter was a good one.

Sammie B, you amaze your mama. I'm lucky to be yours.


EH said...

*Love* the pooping "all done." That's one for the baby book.

I was really "meh" about signing, but daycare pushed it - and as a result, it really opened up P's world. I wish I'd done more with it now. My nephew had some delays, but my sister really worked on signing with him, and now - wow. I don't think he's left with any verbal delays as a result. It's amazing.

Kristin said...

Hi, I noticed you left a comment on my blog. I have never heard of the miraflex glasses, but I will definitely be checking them out. I have been browsing through your blog, and it's good to read it. At my little boys last session of OT the therapist suggested we do swim therapy. I see that your little girl is in swim lessons. Does it help a lot? I think my little boy would like it a lot. It's good to read your blog. If you don't mind I will add your blog to our list. :) Oh and if you just want to see the stuff about our little boy, you can type in this address:


His name is Keaton and he has CP...born with a cyst on his brain, but we didn't find out until he was a year old. That address should bring up all the posts with Keaton in it.

Momttorney said...

Kristin - I think the swim lessons are really helping Sam. She moves in the pool in ways that she just can't (or doesn't seem motivated to) on land. It INCREDIBLE. I literally cried the first time I watched. We wanted to find an aquatic therapist, but couldn't, but were able to find a swim teacher that works with a CP kid weekly, and has for years. Sam doesn't have CP, just very low tone (with no diagnosis) but I felt like this teacher would "get it," and so far, its truly been incredible. Our swim teacher says the kid she works with that has CP (a 6 year old) whines when he has to walk more than a very short distance, but will literally get in the pool and move for hours . . . pretty neat. Good luck to you!